Hey Cookie Monsters! Ready To Win $500,000 In The “My OREO Creation” Contest?

The family is heading out to our local “Movie Night In The Park”, but before we go I’ve got big news that could change your life, ha! Guess which cookie company is searching for their next flavor and offering $500,000 to the mad cookie genius who comes up with their next big hit?! OREO®! #MyOREOCreation!! Whoop, whoop!! If you’ve got what it takes to dream up their next big flavor, let them know!

ENTER #MyOREOCreation CONTEST HERE until july 14, 2017!

It takes just a second to ENTER, and you could be the big $500,000 winner! The contest runs through July 14th 2017, and they are taking submission four easy ways, learn how to submit right HERE! It’s super easy! I can’t wait to see what ideas you’ve got cook’in up. Good luck you mad cookie monster genius you!

We’re packing up the kids and heading out to our local “Movie Night In The Park”, so I’m heading over to Walmart to grab a few OREO®’s, or maybe a OREO® Big Crunch Bar to go with our Popcorn! Salty & Sweet, now that’s a combo I’d vote for!

Get the kids involved and have fun! Good luck!

No PURCH NEC. 50 US/D.C./PR 18+. For Rules: Click Here.